[Python-ideas] Python's Source of Randomness and the random.py module Redux

random832 at fastmail.us random832 at fastmail.us
Thu Sep 10 15:55:03 CEST 2015

On Thu, Sep 10, 2015, at 09:44, Ian Cordasco wrote:
> Because while we want to reduce foot guns, we don't want to reduce
> usability. DeterministicRandom is fairly easy for anyone to
> understand. I would venture a guess that most people looking for that
> wouldn't know (or care) what the backing algorithm is. Further, if we
> stop using mersenne twister in the future, we would have to remove
> that class name.

If we're serious about being deterministic, then we should keep that
class under that name and provide a new class for the new algorithm.
What's the point of having a deterministic algorithm if you can't
reproduce your results in the new version because the algorithm was

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