[Python-ideas] (no subject)

Keith Curtis keithcu at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 17:36:27 EDT 2016

Hello again,

Many FOSS communities struggle with sustainability, but Python is very
rich so you've clearly figured it out.

It is easy to say that bug metrics are going in the wrong direction.
It is also easy to do nothing, or to criticize those who are concerned
about a systemic issue. Data can be turned into action by leadership
and plans. It can be helpful to have people who think 5,000 is a big
number. (Automatically closing old issues doesn't take grit and isn't
a valid solution.) It seems you could use at least 10 more dedicated
devs who focus on the official CPython bug count.

As for WebAssembly, if their security is done mostly via their virtual
machine, then they won't be able to separate it. However, if Python in
the browser can't enable optional access Numpy, etc., then it will be
missing the best reasons to use it. Sometimes security can destroy
utility. Just because there are some untrustworthy websites doesn't
mean all must be.

Warm regards,


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