[Python-ideas] @Override decorator

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 10:42:38 EDT 2016

On 19 July 2016 at 16:44, Neil Girdhar <mistersheik at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why can't @overrides be processed at definition time?

I didn't say it can't, I said I think it shouldn't be, and it
shouldn't be for the same reason we don't process type annotations at
runtime: this proposal falls into the realm of gradual typing, and
gradual typing is an *optional* behaviour for use on projects that are
sufficiently large with high enough personnel churn to see the
benefits that outweigh the cost in boilerplate.

With PEP 484 and typing, we've already established the precedent that
people shouldn't go rushing off to their favourite projects and submit
low value PRs that just add annotations for the sake of adding
annotations. The proposed decorator here is a different kind of
semantic annotation, but it's still one that should only be added to a
project if the existing contributors to that project think it will
help them maintain the code.


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