[Python-ideas] Specify an alternative exception for "assert"

Giampaolo Rodola' g.rodola at gmail.com
Mon May 2 10:23:14 EDT 2016

assert statement gives the possibility to display the text which goes along
with the AssertionError exception. Most of the times though, what would be
more appropriate is to raise a different exception (e.g. ValueError). My
proposal is to be able to specify an exception as a replacement for
AssertionError as in:

>>> assert callable(fun), ValueError("object is not a callable")
ValueError: object is not a callable

Specifically, this would be useful at the top of a function or method,
where argument types or values are usually checked:

def retry(times=3, timeout=0.1, callback=None):
    assert times >= 1, ValueError("times must be >= 1")
    assert isinstance(timeout, (int, float)), ValueError("invalid timeout")
    assert callable(callback), ValueError("callback is not a callable")

...as opposed to:

def retry(times=3, timeout=0.1, callback=None):
    if not times >= 1:
        raise ValueError("times must be >= 1")
    if not isinstance(timeout, (int, float)):
        raise ValueError("invalid timeout")
    if not callable(callback):
        raise ValueError("callback is not a callable")

Other than saving 1 line for each type/value check, this has the advantage
that the assertion logic (e.g. "times >= 1") is shown in the traceback
message itself, because it's on the same line, enriching the context and
giving more information in case of error.


Giampaolo - http://grodola.blogspot.com
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