[Python-ideas] Object grabbing

Sven R. Kunze srkunze at mail.de
Mon May 2 13:04:44 EDT 2016

On 02.05.2016 07:07, Stephen Hansen wrote:
> I seriously don't clean my screen enough to find this an OK syntax. 
> "self.x" is perfectly readable, but not because the dot is 
> particularly visible, but because the dot is sufficient to combine 
> those two parts into a single unit to my eye. It makes the two parts 
> blur together more then the dot is, itself, strongly visible.

The same for me.

-1 for this feature.

> Every use case I can think of for this feature is better (as defined 
> as more readable?) spelled as a local variable, even if its a short 
> variable I'd normally argue against, like:
> u = team.users[i]
> team.evict_user(u.uid, u.email, "Bye bye")
> Normally I don't like variables like 'u', but if they're very local in 
> functions that aren't long, they're fine. In those cases where they 
> aren't fine, the proposed using's dot syntax would remove from vision 
> what you're currently operating on and would therefore not be good either.

In this case, I could even live with "user".

> To me this feature sacrifices readability for writability, and 
> readability is more important.


Especially, when adding yet another way for "performance reasons". 
Python can optimize the presented cases without introducing a new syntax.


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