[Python-ideas] Repr of lambda

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 03:49:54 EST 2017

17.12.17 22:55, Terry Reedy пише:
>> What if include the signature and the expression of the lambda in its 
>> repr?
>>  >>> lambda x: x**2
>> <lambda x: x**2>
> Printing the return value requires adding a code or function attribute.

Yes, this requires adding an optional constant code attribute.

> The return expression(s), possibly None, would be just as useful for 
> named functions.

In case of named functions the body is not an expression and usually is 

>> But there is a problem with default values. Their reprs can be very 
>> long, especially in the following case with mutable default value:
> I would not expect the representation to change; just use the expression.

This is a solution, thanks.

>> Maybe the placeholder should be always used instead of default values.
> Do you mean 'a placeholder'?

Yes, sorry.

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