[Python-ideas] New function to add into the "random" module

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Thu Feb 2 07:01:34 EST 2017

Hi, my name is Terry, and I’d like to propose a small function that could be added into the Python’s “random” module.

This function is for generating a random float/decimal number. I would like to know if there’s such function that does the same thing, if there is, please point out to me. If not, I would like to ask you developers to add this function into future Python versions.

The function code is as follow:

from random import *

def randfloat(x , y , maxfloatpt=None):
    if x > y:
        x , y = y , x
    lenx = len(str(x))
    leny = len(str(y))
    intx = int(x)
    inty = int(y)
    bigger = max(lenx,leny)
    if maxfloatpt == None:
        if bigger == lenx:
            intxlen = len(str(intx))
            maxfloatpt = len(str(x)[intxlen:])
        elif bigger == leny:
            intylen = len(str(inty))
            maxfloatpt = len(str(y)[intylen:])
    num = randint(intx , inty)
    num = str(num)
    num = '%s.' % num 
    for i in range(0 , maxfloatpt):
        flnum = randint(0 , 9)
        num = '%s%s' % (num , flnum)
    return float(num)
  P.S.: If the indent has anything wrong, just correct me, thx!
P.P.S.: The function is tested, it’s working 😊
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