[Python-ideas] Fwd: Define a method or function attributeoutsideof a class with the dot operator

Joao S. O. Bueno jsbueno at python.org.br
Sun Feb 12 14:01:58 EST 2017

On 12 February 2017 at 14:51, Markus Meskanen <markusmeskanen at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Allowing the class to be used in the method's header, f.e. for typing and
> decorators:
>   @decorate(MyClass)
>   def MyClass.method(self, other: MyClass) -> List[MyClass]:
>       ...
> This is useful since you can't refer the class itself inside of its body. At
> the moment the way to use typing is to write the class's name as a string...
> It feels awful.

You realize now that if we accept this change, and given your example,
any "well behaved" Python code with markup will in a  couple months
required to be like

class MyClass:

def MyClass.__init__(self: MyClass, ...) -> None:

# add other methods here.
And all it will  take is some bureaucratic minded person to put that as default
option in some highly used linter, like the one that used-to-be-known-as-pep8.
(And hint: what do you think is the mind orientation of contributors
to linter code?  :-)  )

As a developer constrained to silly rules in automatic linters (like
nazi-counting the number
of blank lines everywhere) due to project manager "it's simples to
just stand by the linters
defaults" I feel quire worried about that.

So, no, strings for type hinting are much less awful than effectively
killing the class body in big projects.

Not that this is much more serious than the worries about

def x["fnord"][5]["gnorts"]method(self, bla):

Which will never be used in sane code anyways. It is the real,
present, danger of
of having mandates in whole projects that all methods be defined
outside the class
body just because of "clean type-hinting".

I now am much, much, more scared of this proposal  than before, and I
was already
at -1 .

Please, just let this R.I.P.


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