[Python-ideas] Python package index: query and rating

George Fischhof george at fischhof.hu
Mon Feb 13 07:23:22 EST 2017

Hi There,

I several times found that it is quite difficult to find an appropriate
library in package index.

I have two ides to improve the package index:

Query like in a webshop: checkboxes should use to select from attributes.
(topic, environment, category etc) It would br good to put a "do not want"
column as well.

For example right now I would like to search for a cryptographic library
and I have the following page

It contains 424 libraries.
I would like to select for example desktop, security, sofware development
from topic, and do NOT want any framwork reated libraries (django, flask

It would would be good to implement some user rating mechanism like in the
webshops or software stores. It would make the choice easier.

Best regards,
George Fischhof
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