[Python-ideas] add __contains__ into the "type" object

语言破碎处 mlet_it_bew at 126.com
Tue Feb 28 18:02:23 EST 2017

where we use types?
        isinstance(obj, T);
        # issubclass(S, T);

Note that TYPE is SET;
    if we add __contains__ and __le__ into "type",
    then things become:
        obj in T;
        # S <= T;  # if only not misleading to a total ordering

    def __getitems__(self, i):
        if i in Integral:
        elif i in slice:

# Save "(,)". Really, I prefer to type "lambda:;" than "()".
# I fail to modify the "type" object, since it is a C-object.

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