[Python-ideas] get() method for list and tuples

Rob Cliffe rob.cliffe at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 28 19:22:38 EST 2017

On 28/02/2017 11:54, Michel Desmoulin wrote:
> dict.get() is a very useful method, but for lists and tuples, we need to
> rely on try/except instead.
> Can we get list.get and tuple.get as well?
If PEP 463 "Exception-catching expressions" were accepted and 
implemented, we wouldn't need any of them:
     val = myDict[k] except KeyError: default
     val = myList[n] except IndexError: default
Rob Cliffe
> Also, for list, a list.setdefault like the dict.setdefault would be logical.
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