[Python-ideas] namedtuple literals [Was: RE a new namedtuple]

Juancarlo Añez apalala at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 02:42:30 EDT 2017

> So the only thing being ruled out is the dedicated syntax option,
> since it doesn't let us do anything that a new builtin can't do, it's
> harder to find help on (as compared to "help(ntuple)" or searching
> online for "python ntuple"), and it can't be readily backported to
> Python 3.6 as part of a third party library (you can't easily backport
> it any further than that regardless, since you'd be missing the
> order-preservation guarantee for the keyword arguments passed to the
> builtin).

If an important revamp of namedtuple will happen (actually, "easy and
friendly immutable structures"), I'd suggest that the new syntax is not
discarded upfront, but rather be left as a final decision, after all the
other forces are resolved.

FWIW, there's another development thread about "easy class declarations
(with typining)". From MHPOV, the threads are different enough to remain


Juancarlo *Añez*
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