[Python-ideas] Way to repeat other than "for _ in range(x)"

Markus Meskanen markusmeskanen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 05:18:53 EDT 2017

Hi Pythonistas,

yet again today I ended up writing:

d = [[0] * 5 for _ in range(10)]

And wondered, why don't we have a way to repeat other than looping over
range() and using a dummy variable? This seems like a rather common thing
to do, and while the benefit doesn't seem much, something like this would
be much prettier and more pythonic than using underscore variable:

d = [[0] * 5 repeat_for 10]

And could obviously be used outside of comprehensions too:

repeat_for 3:
    print('Attempting to reconnect...')
    if reconnect():
    print('Unable to reconnect :(')

I chose to use repeat_for instead of repeat because it's way less likely to
be used as a variable name, but obviously other names could be used like
loop_for or repeat_times etc.

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