[Python-ideas] install pip packages from Python prompt

Steve Barnes gadgetsteve at live.co.uk
Fri Nov 3 04:11:57 EDT 2017

> Reading this I get the impression, and correct me if I'm wrong, that 
> you've never taught beginners programming. Of course long term (heck in 
> fact fairly early on) they need to learn these nitty-gritty and 
> sometimes frustrating lessons, but not in a 2 hour intro to programming 
> for total beginners.
> And I beg to differ--this field is for everyone, and increasingly moreso 
> every day. Doesn't mean it's easy, but it is and can be for everyone.
> Whether this specific proposal is technically feasible in a 
> cross-platform manner with the state of the Python interpreter and 
> import system is another question. But that's a discussion worth having. 
> "Some people aren't cut out for programming" isn't.
When teaching an absolute beginners course, (which I personally have 
done many times often for people with little or no experience of 
computers), on of the best approaches that I have found is to run 
JupyterHub on a local (WiFi) LAN - this has several advantages:

  - the students can get started on some python programming without 
having to install anything on their own machines - they just need a browser.
  - No internet connection needed, (often the case in a corporate 
  - I have complete control over the packages present.
  - Once they have a taste they are ready, usually keen, to learn how to 
install python and it's libraries, including Jupyter.

Steve (Gadget) Barnes
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