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> [...]

> Now I believe something could be done along the lines:
> a) record runtime type information from test or regular runs
> b) massage these information and use them to annotate Python code with
> additional type information (up to the developer to then accept or not the
> proposed changes)
> c) also run a test suite or an app under some magical machinery, and
> either raise a TypeError or log warnings when discrepancies are detected
> between type annotation and runtime behaviour.
> [...] (a) and (b) would use similar machinery,

I mean, (a) and (c)

> and (a), (b) and (c) would be probably a useful way to introduce type
> annotations to an existing code base without too much risk.
> (a) and (b) could also provide data for an interesting SE research project.

Similar to "Measuring Polymorphism in Python Programs", by Beatrice
Akerblom and Tobias Wrigstad:


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