[Python-ideas] Proposal to change Python version release cycle

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Nov 6 18:32:00 EST 2017

Nick Coghlan wrote:

> The open question will be what we call the release after that (in late
> 2022), with the main leading contenders being "4.0" (on the grounds
> that so many changes will have accumulated since 2008's 3.0 release by
> then that it makes sense to call them different major versions,
> similar to the rationale the Linux kernel now uses for major version
> updates)

I predict by then that Larry will have finished the gilectomy, and while
it will require backward incompatible changes to the C API, Python will
run so blindingly fast in the quantum computing machine learning
blockchain in the IOT cloud, bumping to 4.0 will be a no brainer[*].


[*] Plus, our AI overlords will have made the decision for us.

P.S. I suck at predictions.

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