[Python-ideas] Looking for input to help with the pip situation

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> On 13 November 2017 at 02:59, Brendan Barnwell
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> > On 2017-11-12 05:18, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> >>
> >> * the `pip install` option really is nicer looking than `python -m pip
> >> install`, and it only has actual problems in the presence of multiple
> >> Python versions and when upgrading pip itself on Windows (plus: lots
> >> of third party guides recommend it, as do pypi.org project pages)
> >
> >
> >         Is there any *advantage* to using `pip install` instead of
> > -m install`?  If not, could we at least change everything under
> > control (e.g., pip documentation) to never recommend `pip` and always
> > recommend `python -m pip` instead, and encourage all third-party
> > documentation to always use `python -m pip` and never use `pip`?
> We've already changed most of them (pypi.org itself is the main one
> that we haven't changed it yet).
> However, there are still per-project READMEs out there that suggest
> "easy_install project" and direct invocation of "python setup.py
> install", so it really isn't appealing to layer yet another mandatory
> change in the recommended spelling of the installation command and
> create yet another point of confusion - it will be much nicer overall
> if we can retroactively make the existing "pip install" instructions
> correct for most users, and leave "python -m pip install" to the
> "Multiple versions of Python" and "Self-upgrading pip on Windows".
> Cheers,
> Nick.
> P.S. As a user, it's also genuinely irritating to have to always type
> the "python -m " prefix when inside an active virtual environment, as
> in that case, there isn't any ambiguity about which environment pip
> should be manipulating or which version of Python it should be using.

You kinda should be typing `env/bin/python -m ...` (or
env\Scripts\python.exe -m ...) but saying that proves your previous point.

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