[Python-ideas] Possible Enhancement to py.exe Python Launcher

Steve Barnes gadgetsteve at live.co.uk
Thu Nov 23 03:43:01 EST 2017

Following on from the discussions on pip I would like to suggest, (and 
possibly implement), a minor change to the current py.exe python launcher.

Currently the launcher, when called without a version specifier, 
defaults to the highest version on the basis of 3>2, x.11 > x.9, -64 > 
-32 however this may not always be the most desirable behaviour.

I would like to suggest that it take a configuration value for the 
default version to use, (and possibly a separate ones for pyw, & file 
associations), honouring the following with the later overriding:

default - as current
system setting - from registry
user setting - from registry
user setting - from config file maybe %appdata%\pylauncher\defaults.ini
environment setting - from getenv
local setting - from .pyconfig file in the current directory.

Options would be the same format as the -X[.Y][-BB] format currently 
accepted on the command line plus a --No-Py-Default option which would 
always error out if the version to invoke was not specified.

I see this as potentially adding quite a lot of value for people with 
multiple python versions installed and it could tie in quite well with 
the possible use of py.exe as an entry point for tools such as pip.

It might also increase the awareness of the launcher as those who have 
to stick with python 2 for the moment or in a specific context could set 
the default to what they need but can always override.

Steve (Gadget) Barnes
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