[Python-ideas] Logging Levels

Mike Miller python-ideas at mgmiller.net
Tue Nov 28 15:46:50 EST 2017

Hi, the reason I use note is that I want it to be output by default.  So it must 
be above warning, or perhaps the default level changed.

(i.e. There is no need for note if it has the same effect as info.  We already 
have info.)


On 2017-11-28 12:31, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> OK, that's a reasonable discussion, let's not do this. Also I note that in my 
> own usage, "note" comes below "warning", not above it. E.g. mypy has three 
> levels for its end-user facing messages: error, warning, and note. (Note that 
> mypy does not use the logging module -- but it would still feel odd to me to see 
> "note" between warning and error rather than below warning.)

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