[Python-ideas] Immutable dictionaries

Asen Bozhilov asen.bozhilov at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 12:30:54 EST 2017

This is my first post here. I have strong experience with JavaScript and
I'm lucky that I could move forward to Python.
What I miss in Python are immutable dictionaries. They are especially
useful for configurations and call functions which expect dictionary as
argument.  In my opinion they would let a place for underlying

I'd like to propose also literaling syntax for immutable dictionaries.

immutable_dict = (
    'key1' : 'value1',
    'key2' : 'value2'

This syntax is not ambiguous with expression statements and tuple literals,
but it requires a bit lookahed during the parsing.

I would appreciate your opinions on the topic. Most interesting for me is
why they are not already part of the language?

Kind regards,
Asen Bozhilov
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