[Python-ideas] Changes to the existing optimization levels

Diana Clarke diana.joan.clarke at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 10:33:53 EDT 2017

Thanks, Nick!

I'll let this sink in today and give it a shot tomorrow.

Have a great weekend,


> * Switch to your suggested "set-of-strings" API at the Python level,
> with the Python level integer interface retained only for backwards
> compatibility
> * Keep the current integer-based *C* optimization API, but redefine
> the way that value is interpreted, rather than passing Python sets
> around
> The Python APIs would then convert the Python level sets to the
> bitfield representation almost immediately for internal use, but you
> wouldn't need to mess about with the bitfield yourself when calling
> the Python APIs.
> The difference I see relates to the fact that in Python:
> * sets of strings are easier to work with than integer bitfields
> * adding a new keyword-only argument to existing APIs is straightforward
> While in C:
> * integer bitfields are easier to work with than Python sets of Python strings
> * supporting a new argument would mean defining a whole new parallel set of APIs

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