[Python-ideas] Dollar operator suggestion

Yan Pas yanp.bugz at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 07:06:45 EDT 2017

I've looked up this feature in haskell. Dollar sign operator is used to
avoid parentheses.

Python tends to use functions instead of methods ( e.g. len([1,2,3])
instead of [1,2,3].len() ). Sometimes the expression inside parentheses may
become big  and using a lot of parentheses may tend to bad readability. I
suggest the following syntax:

len $ [1,2,3]

Functions map be also  chained:

len $ list $ map(...)

This operator may be used for function composition too:

foo = len $ set $
in the same as
foo = lambda *as,**kas : len(set(*as, **kas))
in current syntax

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