[Python-ideas] [asyncio] Suggestion for a major PEP

Christophe Bailly chbailly at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 03:21:14 EST 2018


I copy paste the main idea from an article I have written:
contextual async


Imagine you have some code written for monothread. And you want to include
your code in a multithread environment.  Do you need to adapt all your code
which is what you do when you want to migrate to async code ? The answer is

Functionnally these constraints are not justified neither technically

Do we have the tools to do this ? Yes because thanks to boost::context we
can switch context between tasks. When a task suspends, it just calls a
function (the event loop or reactor) to potentially switch to another task.
Just like threads switch contexts…

Async/Await logic has introduced a symetric relation wich introduces
unnecessary contraints. We should just the same logic as thread logic.


Read the examples in the article I have developped a prototype in C++ and
everything works perfectly.

My opinion is that sooner or later, it will have to switch to this logic
because chaining async/aswait is a huge contraints and does not make sense
in my opinion.

Maybe I am missing something,

Feel free to give me your feedback.


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