[Python-ideas] [asyncio] Suggestion for a major PEP

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Dec 16 08:03:44 EST 2018

Christophe Bailly wrote:
> I copy paste the main idea from an article I have written:
> contextual async 
> <https://pythonc.home.blog/2018/12/14/premier-article-de-blog/>

All of your examples there are C++. It's not clear how
any of this relates to Python.

> Do we have the tools to do this ? Yes because thanks to boost::context 
> we can switch context between tasks.

How does it work? Is it pulling some kind of stack switching
trick? If so, I would be skeptical about the portability and

Also, if it requires the Python interpreter to become C++
or depend on a C++ runtime, it's not going to be accepted.


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