[Python-ideas] Add regex pattern literal p""

Alexander Heger python at 2sn.net
Sat Dec 29 00:29:32 EST 2018

for regular strings one can write

"aaa" + "bbb"

which also works for f-strings, r-strings, etc.; in regular expressions,
there is, e.g., parameter counting and references to numbered matches.  How
would that be dealt with in a compound p-string?  Either it would have to
re-compiled or not, either way could lead to unexpected results

p"(\d)\1" + p"(\s)\1"


p"^(\w)" + p"^(\d)"

regular strings can be added, bu the results of p-string could not - well,
their are not strings.  This brings me to the point that
the key difference is that f- and r- strings actually return strings,
whereas p- string would return a different kind of object.
That would seem certainly very confusing to novices - and also for the
language standard as a whole.

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