[Python-ideas] Easing set-up of of console python applications

Mario Corchero mariocj89 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 14:29:27 EST 2018

Hello All!

I got asked how to configure the logging stack to be able to output
directly to console using both stdout and stderr and I could not really
find a great answer as adding both as StreamHandlers will result in error
and above messages going to stdout.

The usecase is having a cli or app that wants to log to console as other
tools. Errors and bove to stderr and normal information to stdout. I know
the recommended way in Python is to just use print on simple scripts, but
it can happen that you import a library you want to see the logs of, and
therefore you need to set the logging stack.

I have drafted two implementations but I am open to suggestions:
1) A "Console Handler" that uses multiple streams and chooses based on the
2) An inverted filter that can be used to filter everything above info for
the stdout Stream handler.

What do you people think?
If people like it I'll send an issue + PR.

Mario Corchero
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