[Python-ideas] Add an UML class diagram to the collections.abc module documentation

Yahya Abou 'Imran yahya-abou-imran at protonmail.com
Tue Jan 2 10:26:30 EST 2018

>Can I suggest that rather than manually producing or tweaking, and later
> updating, the diagrams it might be better to spend a little time
> annotating the source code [...]
> While the diagrams produced might lack the elegance of manually produced
> ones they would be much more useful as they would always be up to date
> due to being produced, and updated, automatically.

I think it would be a lot of changes in the source code...

I would like to precise, so everybody can know it, the syntax of a .puml is realy simple. For example:



hide members
show methods

abstract class Iterable {
  {abstract} __iter__()

abstract class Iterator {
   {abstract} __next__()

Iterable <|-- Iterator



$ plantuml test.puml

And you have test.png I joined.

> [...]
> I am attaching the diagram produced for the full inheritance of
> collections.abc as produced by doxygen/graphviz but I am sure that there
> are some options that could make this more readable/useful.
> Steve

It's a blank file that I have...

I've been struggling with those kind of tools these days, and realised that it's a lot more work (and pain) than a plain text file.
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