[Python-ideas] Add an UML class diagram to the collections.abc module documentation

Yahya Abou 'Imran yahya-abou-imran at protonmail.com
Fri Jan 5 11:45:03 EST 2018

Hi everybody.

I would like to make a recap:

It seems that we all agree that it's something nice to have. Now, we are wondering about the tools or the methodology to use them.

As I said, if somebody want to give a try, I'm not against it. But what are we doing now?
I've already open an issue, I would like to submit a PR to place the puml and the svg in the doc and to make the diagram appear in the suitable place.

Is there a real good reason to wait?

I not trying to force myself on anybody here, I just think it's a shame not to use something we have know...
If we don't manage to all agree with each other, I will just let the issue open until somebody comes with an undisputed solution.
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