[Python-ideas] Allow to compile debug extension against releasePython in Windows

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Sun Jan 7 16:11:04 EST 2018

It’s not a good idea. You end up with two different C runtimes in memory that cannot communicate, and many things will not work properly.

If you compile your debug build extension with the non-debug CRT (/MD rather than /MDd) you will lose asserts, but otherwise it will work fine and the quoted code picks the release lib.

Or if you like, when you install Python 3.5 or later there are advanced options to install debug symbols and binaries. You can use a proper debug build against the debug binaries (python_d.exe).


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From: Ivan Pozdeev via Python-ideas
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Subject: [Python-ideas] Allow to compile debug extension against releasePython in Windows

The Windows version of pyconfig.h has the following construct:

     if defined(_DEBUG)
            pragma comment(lib,"python37_d.lib")
     elif defined(Py_LIMITED_API)
            pragma comment(lib,"python3.lib")
            pragma comment(lib,"python37.lib")
     endif /* _DEBUG */

which fails the compilation of a debug version of an extension. Making 
debugging it... difficult.

Perhaps we could define some other constant?

I'm not sure whether such compilation is a good idea in general, so 
asking here at first.


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