[Python-ideas] Repurpose `assert' into a general-purpose check

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 05:01:18 EST 2018

16.01.18 11:38, smarie пише:
> You can find my attempt to do that in the valid8 project 
> https://smarie.github.io/python-valid8 
> <https://smarie.github.io/python-valid8>, with the 'assert_valid(...)' 
> function. With the current language limitations I could not define 
> something as simple as 'validate <expression> <exception, exception_type 
> or exception_message>', but I created a mini lambda library to at least 
> keep some level of simplicity for the <expression>. The result is for 
> example :
> class InvalidSurface(ValidationError):
>      help_msg = 'Surface should be a positive number'
> assert_valid('surface', surf, x > 0, error_type=InvalidSurface)

What is the advantage over the simple

     if not x > 0: raise InvalidSurface('surface')


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