[Python-ideas] Official site-packages/test directory

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 11:23:23 EST 2018

Another common approach is to not ship tests as part of your (runtime)
package at all - they are in the sdist but not the wheels nor are they
deployed with "setup.py install". In my experience, this is the usual
approach projects take if they don't have the tests in the package
directory. (I don't think I've *ever* seen a project try to install
tests except by including them in the package directory...)


On 19 January 2018 at 16:10, Guido van Rossum <guido at python.org> wrote:
> IIUC another common layout is to have folders named test or tests inside
> each package. This would avoid requiring any changes to the site-packages
> layout.
> On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 6:27 AM, Stefan Krah <stefan at bytereef.org> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I wonder if we could get an official site-packages/test directory.
>> Currently
>> it seems to be problematic to distribute tests if they are outside the
>> package
>> directory.  Here is a nice overview of the two main layout possibilities:
>> http://pytest.readthedocs.io/en/reorganize-docs/new-docs/user/directory_structure.html
>> I like the outside-the-package approach, mostly for reasons described very
>> eloquently here:
>> http://python-notes.curiousefficiency.org/en/latest/python_concepts/import_traps.html
>> CPython itself of course also uses Lib/foo.py and Lib/test/test_foo.py, so
>> it
>> would make sense to have site-packages/foo.py and
>> site-packages/test/test_foo.py.
>> For me, this is the natural layout.

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