[Python-ideas] Logging: a more perseverent version of the StreamHandler?

Chris Angelico rosuav at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 15:02:05 EST 2018

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 6:43 AM, liam marsh <liam.marsh.home at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, and sorry for the late answer,
> Le 29/01/2018 à 01:41, Steven D'Aprano a écrit :
> [...]
> I'll comment on the email: for some reason, the implementation you
> give has extraneous pipes | at the start and end of each line, e.g.:
> This is... unexpected, and doesn't even show on my version of the mail.
> My guess is some formatting happening behind the scenes
> (Code being emailed probably needs to stay below 78 characters per line
> to avoid being wrapped at the ends of lines.)
> I will try to remember this.
> Oh, and something I forgot in my last e-mail:
> credit for the `stdout_redirected()` contextmanager:
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4675728/redirect-stdout-to-a-file-in-python.

When I reply to your email, it comes out looking like the above.

There _is_ some non-text formatting happening here. (HTML, to be
specific.) To be sure of how your emails will be read, I recommend
disabling HTML (sometimes called "rich text", because someone saw some
of the eyesores that get sent that way and said "You call that text??
That's rich!!"), so you see it the exact same way everyone else will.


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