[Python-ideas] Add dict.append and dict.extend

Ben Rudiak-Gould benrudiak at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 17:22:29 EDT 2018

I'd like to propose adding `append` and `extend` methods to dicts
which behave like `__setitem__` and `update` respectively, except that
they raise an exception (KeyError?) instead of overwriting preexisting

Very often I expect that the key I'm adding to a dict isn't already in
it. If I want to verify that, I have to expand my single-line
assignment statement to 3-5 lines (depending on whether the dict and
key are expressions that I now need to assign to local variables). If
I don't verify it, I may overwrite a dict entry and produce silently
wrong output.

The names `append` and `extend` make sense now that dicts are defined
to preserve insertion order: they try to append the new entries, and
if that can't be done because it would duplicate a key, they raise an

In case of error, `extend` should probably leave successfully appended
entries in the dict, since that's consistent with list.extend and

The same methods would also be useful on sets. Unfortunately, the
names make less sense.

-- Ben

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