[Python-ideas] Make asyncio.get_event_loop a builtin

Michel Desmoulin desmoulinmichel at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 08:24:12 EDT 2018

Well that doesn't matter anyway. With breakpoint() we choose the
debugger implementation, so we could do the same here.

However, this would be addressing the wrong problem the problem is
verbosity. asyncio s are already aware of that, since they are working
on providing asycio.run() in 3.7.

Now they also added asyncio.get_running_loop(), which we will soon be
used everywhere instead of get_event_loop(). That should have a shorter
alias lie asyncio.loop([check_running=True]).

Currently the shortest we can do is:

import asyncio as aio


This gets old very fast. It's annoying enough that we have to deal
manually with a very low level event loop every when we go from JS/Go to
Python. It would be nice to have more helpers to do so.

Le 25/05/2018 à 02:42, Ken Hilton a écrit :
> On Tue May 22 22:08:40 (-0400), Chris Barker wrote:
>> while asyncio is in the standard library, it is not intended to be THE
> async event loop implementation
> I'm surprised this is true - with dedicated syntax like async def/await,
> it's still not THE async event loop implementation? As far as I know,
> "async def" is a shorthand for
> @asyncio.coroutine
> def
> and "await" is short for "yield from".
> Sincerely,
> Ken Hilton;
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