[Python-ideas] Trigonometry in degrees

Jacco van Dorp j.van.dorp at deonet.nl
Fri Jun 8 09:55:00 EDT 2018

2018-06-08 15:19 GMT+02:00 Hugh Fisher <hugo.fisher at gmail.com>:

>> Julia provides a full set of trigonometric functions in both radians and
>> degrees:
>> https://docs.julialang.org/en/release-0.4/manual/mathematical-operations/#trigonometric-and-hyperbolic-functions
>> They use sind, cosd, tand etc for the variants expecting degrees. I
>> think that's much more relevant than OpenGL.
> OK, that's interesting, I did not know that. And a quick google shows that
> Matlab also has sind and similar variants for degrees.
>> Although personally I prefer the look of d as a prefix:
>> dsin, dcos, dtan
>> That's more obviously pronounced "d(egrees) sin" etc rather than "sined"
>> "tanned" etc.
> If Julia and Matlab are sufficiently well known, I would prefer d as suffix
> rather than prefix.

I graduated less than a year ago - Matlab at the very least is quite
well-known, we got lessons about it (although I was the one kid who
used python for his matlab assignments...you can make do, with
matplotlib, google, opencv, and numpy.). I also believe they give
free/heavily discounted licenses to schools, hoping that after
graduation, those students are used to matlab and will try to make
their employers buy full-priced versions.

I don't know about Julia, though.

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