[Python-ideas] [issue33865] [EASY] Missing code page aliases: "unknown encoding: 874"

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Sun Jun 17 20:34:46 EDT 2018

> Sure, but for at least one user Python 3.6 fails to start because 
> initialising the sys.std* streams fails due to not finding a “874” 
> encoding.

That doesn't mean that the bug is best fixed by adding an alias.

If the error was failing to find encoding "ltain-1", would we add an 
alias or fix the spelling? If 874 is not an official alias, we should 
consider it a misspelling and fix the misspelling, not add an alias.

But either way, the point Stephen is making is that even if 874 is a 
legitimate alias, that shouldn't give us carte blanche to add numeric 
aliases for every encoding.

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