[Python-ideas] Copy (and/or pickle) generators

Ivan Levkivskyi levkivskyi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 19:38:28 EDT 2018

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> As Python is being increasingly used for data science, this use case will
> be increasingly common. Being able to copy generators will save a lot of
> work.
> Keep in mind, I don't necessarily propose that generators should be fully
> picklable; there are obviously a number of concerns and problems there.
> Just being able to duplicate the generator's state within the interpreter
> would be enough for my use case.
> [snip]
> Thoughts?
I also remember I wanted this feature few times in the past, I like the
idea. The problem is who will implement this?
If you have time and energy, then you can just try (but beware, it may be
harder that it looks).

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