[Python-ideas] staticmethod and classmethod should be callable

Brendan Barnwell brenbarn at brenbarn.net
Thu Jun 21 14:05:48 EDT 2018

On 2018-06-21 01:33, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
> 21.06.18 10:45, Jeroen Demeyer пише:
>> >On 2018-06-20 19:33, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
>>> >>20.06.18 12:56, Jeroen Demeyer пише:
>>>> >>>Are there any reasons to*not*  make staticmethod and classmethod
>>>> >>>callable?
>>> >>
>>> >>There were no reasons to make staticmethod and classmethod callable.
>> >
>> >You have to compare the advantages of making them callable vs. the
>> >advantages of*not*  making them callable.
> You have also to weight the disadvantages of making them callable and
> the cost of making them callable.

	That's what the OP is trying to do.  You were just asked if there were 
any disadvantages or costs.  Are there or not?  If so, what are they?

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