[Python-ideas] Should nested classes in an Enum be Enum members?

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 23:57:45 EDT 2018

27.06.18 17:46, Ethan Furman пише:
> Question:
>    Should `SomeClass` be an enum member?  When would it be useful to 
> have an embedded class in an Enum be an enum member?
> The only example I have seen so far of nested classes in an Enum is when 
> folks want to make an Enum of Enums, and the nested Enum should not 
> itself be an enum member.  Since the counter-example already works I 
> haven't seen any requests for it.  ;)
> So I'm asking the community:  What real-world examples can you offer for 
> either behavior?  Cases where nested classes should be enum members, and 
> cases where nested classes should not be members.

What would be a benefit of making a class nested if it not be an enum 
member? Nested functions become methods, but there are no relations 
between a nested class or its instances and the outer class or its 

The current behavior looks understandable to me. Functions are 
descriptors, but classes are not. Making a nested class a member you 
don't lost anything, because you always can make it not-nested if you 
don't want it be a member. But when a nested class is not a member, you 
would lost the possibility of making it a member (and this may break 
existing code).

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