[Python-ideas] New PEP proposal -- Pathlib Module Should Contain All File Operations -- version 2

George Fischhof george at fischhof.hu
Sat Mar 17 06:42:55 EDT 2018

Hi folks,

I added the list of functions to the proposal, here is the new version.


PEP: 9999
Title: Pathlib Module Should Contain All File Operations
Author: George Fischhof <george at fischhof.hu>
Status: Draft
Type: Standards Track
Content-Type: text/x-rst
Created: 15-Mar-2018
Python-Version: 3.8
Post-History: 12-Mar-2018, 17-Mar-2018


This PEP proposes pathlib module to be a centralized place for all
file-system related operations.


Right now we have several modules that contain functions related
to file-system operations mainly the os, pathlib and shutil.
For beginners it is quite hard to remember where can he / she find
a function (copy resides in shutil, but the remove function can be
found in the os module.  (And sometimes developers with moderate
experience have to check the documentation as well.)

After the release of version 3.6 several methods became aware of
path-like object.  There are only a few ones which does not support
the path-like object.  After making these methods path-like object
aware, these functions could be added to pathlib.

With functions in pathlib the developers should not have to think
on which method (function) can be found in which module.

Makes the life easier.


For compatibility reasons the pathlib should contain wrappers to
the original functions.  The original functions should remain
at their original place.  (Or if pathlib contains the function, the
original modules should have a wrapper to it.)

List of mentioned functions

    * os.link => path.hardlink_to
      (should be named similarly to path.softlink_to)

    * os.mkfifo

    * os.readlink

    * os.remove

    * os.removedirs
      (shutil.rmtree has the same functionalaty)

    * os.truncate

    * shutil.copyfileobj

    * shutil.copyfile

    * shutil.copymode

    * shutil.copystat

    * shutil.copy

    * shutil.copy2

    * shutil.copytree with shutil.ignore_patterns

    * shutil.move

    * shutil.disk_usage

    * shutil.chown

All functions from os module accept path-like objects,
and none of the shutil functions.


This document has been placed in the public domain.

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