[Python-ideas] Objectively Quantifying Readability

Mikhail V mikhailwas at gmail.com
Tue May 1 20:35:41 EDT 2018

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 6:04 PM, Jacco van Dorp <j.van.dorp at deonet.nl> wrote:
> 2018-05-01 14:54 GMT+02:00 Greg Ewing <greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz>:
>> Rhodri James wrote:
>>> I'd be interested to know if there is a readability difference between
>>> really_long_descriptive_identifier_name and
>>> ReallyLongDescriptiveIdentifierNames.
>> As one data point on that, jerking my eyes quickly across
>> that line I found it much easier to pick out the component
>> words in the one with underscores.
>> --
>> Greg
> Which is funny, because I had the exact opposite.
> Might it be that we've had different conditioning ?
> Jacco

The one with underscores reads fairly better though.
Might it be that it does read better?
Ok, that's not scientific enough. But the scores 2:1 so far ;-)

to be pedantic - ReallyLongDescriptiveIdentifierNames
has also an issue with "I" which might confuse because it
looks same as little L. Just to illustrate that choice of
comparison samples is very sensitive thing.
In such a way an experienced guy can even scam
the experimental subjects by making samples which
will show what he wants in result.


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