[Python-ideas] Add "default" kw argument to operator.itemgetter and operator.attrgetter

Vincent Maillol vincent.maillol at gmail.com
Wed May 2 04:08:55 EDT 2018

Hi everybody,

Our PEP idea would be to purpose to add a global default value for
itemgeet and attrgetter method.

This was inspired from bug 14384 (https://bugs.python.org/issue14384);
opened by Miki TEBEKA.

For example, we could do:

p1 = {'x': 43; 'y': 55}
x, y, z = itemgetter('x', 'y', 'z', default=0)(values)
print(x, y, z)
43, 55, 0

instead of:

values = {'x': 43; 'y': 55}
x = values.get('x', 0)
y = values.get('y', 0)
z = values.get('z', 0)
print(x, y, z)
43, 55, 0

The goal is to have have concise code and improve consistency with
getattr, attrgetter and itemgetter

What are you thinking about this?

GALODE Alexandre

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