[Python-ideas] Pattern Matching Syntax

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Fri May 4 14:32:05 EDT 2018

04.05.18 20:48, Tim Peters пише:
> [Guido]
>> Can I recommend going slow here? This is a very interesting topic where many
>> languages have gone before. I liked Daniel F Moisset's analysis about the
>> choices of a language designer and his conclusion that match should be a
>> statement.
> Just to be annoying ;-) , I liked the way he _reached_ that
> conclusion:  by looking at real-life Python code that may have been
> written instead to use constructs "like this".  I find such
> examination far more persuasive than abstract arguments or made-up
> examples.

I would like to see such examination for PEP 572. And for all other 
syntax changing ideas.

I withdrew some my ideas and patches when my examinations showed that 
the number of cases in the stdlib that will take a benefit from 
rewriting using a new feature or from applying a compiler optimization 
is not large enough.

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