[Python-ideas] A comprehension scope issue in PEP 572

Jacco van Dorp j.van.dorp at deonet.nl
Tue May 8 03:17:13 EDT 2018

> [Tim]
> (inside a synthetic function created to
> implement a listcomp/genexp, names bound by "=" are local; names bound
> by ":=" are nonlocal; names bound by both are "who cares?"-
> compiler-time error would be fine by me, or the first person to show a
> real use case wins).

Wait, you can't use = in a listcomp, right ? Or are you talking about
the implementation hidden to the casual user ?

I thought letting := bind to the surrounding scope was fine basically
because it's currently not possible, so therefore there would be no
syntactic ambiguity, and it'd actually do what people would expect.


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