[Python-ideas] Inline assignments using "given" clauses

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri May 11 20:04:22 EDT 2018

[Matt Arcidy]
>> Note Tim came up with a real metric:
>> 2 * count(":=")/len(statement).
>> It's objective.  it's just unclear if a higher score is better or worse.
>> However, one could say "a Tim of .3 is considered too high" as a guideline.

[Steven D'Aprano]
> I think Tim was making a joke about demanding objective measurements of
> subjective things.
> Certainly he hasn't done any research or study to justify that metric.
> He just plucked the formula out of thin air.

It was the outcome of an intense 17-year research project.

> Or at least no peer reviewed research.

Au contraire!  My peers are here, and that message was reviewed by at
least 3 people on this list.

That said, I am a fan of objectively measuring subjective things, just
not of taking the measurements seriously ;-)

If people do want to take it seriously, check out prior Python art first:


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