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Angus Hollands goosey15 at gmail.com
Sat May 12 04:36:11 EDT 2018

Concerning my previous email,

Yes, my mistake. I'd forgotten (ironically) that the whole point is that
it's an expression itself.

> while (value:=get_next_pool_item()).in_use:
>    print(value.refcount())
would be the appropriate analogue.

Consequently, my example is invalid. A better example would have been where
one needs to access more than one attribute of the expression

while (node.x, node.y) > (5.0, 5.0) given node = get_neighbours(node):

This wouldn't be so easy to do without writing a lambda, or conditional
Again, the example is completely arbitrary, simply there to indicate that
moving the assignment out of the expression itself gives more scope for use.
Hence, by superset, I meant that all cases using ":=" can be expressed with
given, but not visa-versa.


> Clearly the objectively best choice is "<-".
I'm convinced ;)

> while (cmd := get_command()).token !=
I think this example is concise enough that it doesn't consider the
readability when get_command is nontrivial.


If i'm refactoring this kind of code, or new to the module and attempting
to unpick what is happening, I would argue that the latter example presents
me with what I most care about up-front (the condition) and maybe care
about (the implementation) second. Furthermore, the assignment is very
obvious, which I think is quite important.
I don't think that the ':=' approach is entirely cryptic, of course, I can
read it. But I find the clarity in putting the expression before the
assignment to be worthwhile.

> A bit like how "strawman argument" is mostly used to mean "dammit, you
> just spotted an unwelcome consequence and/or flaw in my position which I
> have no counter too".
Not sure if this is directed at me (will assume so). I'm sure people misuse
the term, but here I
think it's appropriate. It doesn't quite fit the exact definition, I grant
you, but arguing about character cost seems premature in the question of
whether one should care about character cost (within reason).

>:= would prevent you from using assignment expressions inside f-strings, which
could be argued is a good thing.
Oh wow, that's rather interesting! I'll put it up there with "py2 f-strings
as codecs". :)

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