[Python-ideas] Inline assignments using "given" clauses

Sven R. Kunze srkunze at mail.de
Sun May 13 05:55:33 EDT 2018

On 13.05.2018 11:23, Peter O'Connor wrote:
>  *Correction: Above code should read:
>     outputs = []
> state = initial_state
> for inp in inputs:
> out, state = my_update_func(inp, state)
> outputs.append(out)

Question still stands if this type of code needs compaction in the first 

List comprehensions usually have some sort of declarative touch (set 
builder notation).

Even though, striving for a more compacted version, I tend to think that 
using a declarative version of it doesn't serve it well in the long term.

We recently came across the following code snippet in our source base 
(1st answer of 
It was absolutely not comprehensible.

Your example is inherently imperative because the internal state changes 
from iteration to iteration; something unusual for set builder notation.

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