[Python-ideas] Verbatim names (allowing keywords as names)

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Wed May 16 14:17:30 EDT 2018

> Not if you need to make changes in the same tens of thousands of lines

But what has that got to do with the the syntax of the new code? The old
code is
what it is.

I did think after I replied that `True` wasn't actually reserved until more
recently, but
the point still stands: You would be able to reference the name *as
defined* in an
external library, and yeah, it could refer to anything, but that's kinda
the point. We
have to assume the library does something sane with the name. We can't
an employee sabotaging `True`.

As a more realistic example (if not for Python), say `until` became a
keyword, then
you could end up with lines like this:

    from oldlib import until as upto


    event.until = time(9, 30)

> The overall issue is that python has no way of knowing if the keyword is
being used for legitimate
> backwards-compatibility purposes or someone intentionally overrode after
it was made a keyword
> because they somehow thought it was a good idea.

I only said that Python does not know *until runtime*, and I was wrong when
I described that as a
problem. A runtime NameError actually makes perfect sense. Assigning
to `self.until`
or assigning
to `until` inside a subclass should not be a syntax error. A NameError
would be correct.

It worth mentioning that the cost of checking only applies to cases where
the name in question is also
keyword, so almost never.

-- Carl Smith
carl.input at gmail.com

On 16 May 2018 at 16:40, Niki Spahiev <niki.spahiev at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 16.05.2018 16:05, Andrés Delfino wrote:
>> IMHO, it would be much easier to learn and understand if keywords can only
>> be used by escaping them, instead of depending where they occur.
> There can be 2 escape characters '\' and '.'
> Niki
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