[Python-ideas] Syntactic Sugar: Post-Conditions for Guard Clauses

Manuel Barkhau mbarkhau at gmail.com
Thu May 17 15:55:08 EDT 2018


has there been consideration for implementing the following new

      def my_fun(elements):
          results = []
          for elem in elements:
              continue if not is_valid(elem)
              break if len(results) == max_results
          return results

Or similarly:

      def iter_fun(elements):
          num_results = 0
          for elem in elements:
              continue if not is_valid(elem)
              yield result
              num_results += 1
              return if num_results == max_results

When there is an expression involved for the case of a `return`
or `raise` statement, I don't think it's such a great style,
because the conditional gets hidden off to the right.

      def myfun(val):
          return default_result if val not in known_vals
          return result

Alternatively, is there a good way I can implement this as a
preprocessor for myself?

Manuel Barkhau

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