[Python-ideas] Verbatim names (allowing keywords as names)

Eric V. Smith eric at trueblade.com
Thu May 17 17:37:45 EDT 2018

[Resending due to Google Groups getting involved and giving me an error]

On 5/17/2018 2:41 PM, Neil Girdhar wrote:
> My preference is to do nothing.  If you end up making "where" a keyword 
> in Python 3.8, numpy will probably:
> * rename their where function to "where_" in 3.8
> * add a where_ alias in Python < 3.8.
> And then people will have to fix their code in 3.8 anyway.  Only instead 
> of learning a new verbatim syntax, they will just add the familiar 
> underscore.

I'm not saying this applies to numpy, but one bonus of using \where 
would be that existing 3.7 pickles would work in 3.8 (or I think so, 
it's all obviously underspecified at this point). With renaming, pickles 
would break.


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